The very first thing that you will do in EXODE is to select your Origin. This card is used as a thematic background for your new game. Origins are “like character classes” – except that they apply to your entire group. You can use a card in your deck if one of the following applies:

  1. the card matches a Faction proposed by your Origin.
  2. you have added a Faction and the card is of that Faction (Note that some Origins may add Factions as they level-up).
  3. or the card has the versatile keyword.

There are four Origin Types (Civilian, Criminal, Military, Scientific) and seven Origin Cards (three found in Starter Packs and four in Boosters). The Origin Cards are as follows:

  1. Ark Scientist – Origin: Scientific (starter)
  2. Cruise Ship Captain – Origin: Civilian (boosters)
  3. Elected Leader – Origin: Civilian (starter)
  4. Navy Lieutenant – Origin: Military (starter)
  5. Repentant Pirate – Origin: Criminal (boosters)
  6. Secret Agent – Origin: Military (boosters)
  7. Stranded Trader – Origin: Civilian (boosters)

You’ll start your eXode experience by buying one of the three starter packs in the store. Note that the Origin and most other starter pack Character cards can be leveled either by playing or by combining several cards of the same name, so having duplicates is also a good thing.

An excellent comprehensive guide to the origins is at