Card Upgrading

Card upgrading is only be available to those cards with Upgradable on them. Character and ship cards with a Quality Level will be able to be improved via “leveling up” which will be implemented at a later point in time.

Upgrading is performed from your collection by “burning” a card to upgrade another card with the same name and type. “Burned” cards disappear from your collection forever. Each upgrade allows you to increase the value of one stat.

Cards which mention an Upgradable limit (UPGRADABLE X TIMES) can only be upgraded that number of times. Cards which do not mention any Upgradable limit are only limited in that no stat can be upgraded past twice the initial base value. The amount by which a stat increases with every upgrade is, in most cases, +1 but can vary for some stats according to that card’s “upgrading table”. Generally, due to a lack of space, cards cannot mention the specific increments, but the upgrading table will reveal it.

Upgrading elite versions of cards requires an elite-version to be burned in the process as well.