Alpha Promo packs

Promo cards were distributed to first eXode players as a thanks for their support following the postponement of the presale. Each players could select one pack among four possibilities in a discord vote. The four possibilities were: a navigator from the Nomad Fleet, a Genetician scientist, a Suntek radiated survivor, and a New Empire Colonel. Each pack introduced a faction which will be developed during the beta. The packs were distributed together with 10 free alpha boosters.

Item Delivered supply
Navigator promo pack ?
Genetician promo pack ?
Suntek promo pack 6
Drachian promo pack ?

The “Navigator from the Nomad Fleet” pack included a Nomad Navigator crew member.

Genetician scientist

The “Genetician scientist” pack included a Genetician Scientist crew member.

Suntek radiated survivor

The “Suntek radiated survivor” pack included two cards: a Suntek Survivor crew member, and a Suntek Energy Sphere.

New Empire Colonel

The “New Empire Colonel” pack included a Drachian Colonel officer.